Jan. 24th, 2017

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The coconut bread was a hit, with most of it gone by the time I left work, but I've got the odd experience of not knowing if I should bring in something again next week or any time in the future.

I got a number of compliments on it, which was nice, and two of my co-workers each gave me a sort of cheerful berating over how they were on diets, which was more puzzling than anything else. Without getting into any of the reasons or philosophies behind personal food choices, it's that they didn't ask me to not bring in stuff later. Nobody said anything to the effect of "it was very generous and kind of you but I need you to not do this again." They joked how I must have known they were starting diets and that I was tempting them. Stuff like that.

I can understand not bringing in baked goods because it'd violate office decorum, or someone politely asked me not to, or it's a kosher workplace and my kitchen's not up to their standards. Those are all solid reasons. But the joking they did has just left me baffled. I don't know if they were bothered by the coconut bread's presence or not; I definitely don't know if I hurt their feelings in any way. I don't think I did. Even if I go from the words alone in their jokes and discount tone and context, I'm still pretty sure they weren't being mean. I really couldn't tell what they wanted me to get from that.

So I might make a simple chocolate cake two weeks from now, and see what happens.


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