Jan. 23rd, 2017

hannah: (Sam and Dean - soaked)
Coconut bread made with coconut oil, milk, and sugar with extra vanilla extract smells astonishingly good. I'm taking deep sniffs and greatly enjoying myself. I figure three weeks is enough time at work to get used to the place before bringing in baked goods, though I'm still adjusting to the atmosphere. It's a fast-paced environment, but as it's a medical practice, it's fast-paced around a small number of individuals instead of larger-scale concerns like Jewish holidays or international book campaigns. So that's a new mentality I'm figuring out.

Also, how to talk to my coworkers, who are lovely women and very good at their jobs and perhaps not so intense in terms of social interaction as happens when I meet other people from fandom. As much as I recognize and admire them for their greater amount of responsibilities and the vastness of their tasks I couldn't manage to do - they do phone calls all day regarding payments and insurance, keeping track of money and plans and all I do is scan documents to the inter-office system - I admit there's a little wanting in me for a few moments of the sort of conversations I get at fan brunches and conventions.

Incidentally, for anyone in the New York City area, the Saint Agnes Library Book Sale is on this Saturday, and I can personally vouch for its delightfulness. Plus, there's several good coffee shops in a fairly small radius around it.

In the meantime, I'd better get ready for bed because I've got to be at work tomorrow, to deliver this coconut bread.


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