hannah: (Breadmaking - fooish_icons)
hannah ([personal profile] hannah) wrote2017-06-01 10:56 pm

Left me to love.

I ended up deciding against making brownies for this Saturday. I'm already bringing cake, muffins, savory quiche, and cold-brew coffee - brownies are theoretically doable, but it'd be too much to juggle, even for me. Especially when I've run out of clean measuring cups.

I woke up this morning at the usual time but ended up going back to bed for about another hour, and while it's not something I want to do more than once every three months or so, there's little that makes me feel more New York City than buying an egg and cheese sandwich from a corner place and eating it on the walk to work. The corner aspect is essential to the true spirit of the moment. Which means that I should just settle on posting this and head off to bed before it sets itself up as a self-perpetuating cycle.