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hannah ([personal profile] hannah) wrote 2017-06-09 01:22 am (UTC)

Spike would have so much fun in space. He's always enjoyed new things, new experiences - I still think about how he used a computer to find Buffy in her dorm in "The Initiative" which demonstrates a pretty solid grasp of the technology available - so I can't see him not going off into space as soon as he could manage.

I've actually got some thoughts that didn't make it into this post, mostly on the vampire religion outlined here. One of them was that vampires don't have priests or rabbis as such, following instead the 'priesthood of all believers' philosophy. Another's that for vampires, religion, culture, and state of being can't be separated but are all the same - and how it's not even a question of belief when you know your god exists because you do and that's proof enough.

Great, just when I thought I was done with this I've got even more thoughts digging in on how a religion for beings who don't need belief might yet develop, how vampires might go about the business of looking for the new incarnation of their god...how might you think Angel would become a priest-equivalent? They wouldn't exactly want to preach from holy texts.

I'm grinning to hear this will stay with you. And I've got most of the Vorkosigan saga books as DRM-free ebooks in a variety of formats, so send me a message with your email address and preferred format, and I'll send what I've got on over.

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