hannah: (Reference - fooish_icons)
hannah ([personal profile] hannah) wrote2017-05-10 11:49 am

Lose the flame.

Tomorrow I get a new hard drive I ordered today for in-store pickup, and then I'll be taking that and my current malfunctioning one to a data recovery specialist. What this means to me is mostly that I might have to wait a couple more months before getting a new laptop, and a couple of weeks before I get to experience the full extent of my music and media collection.

This is an infuriatingly luxurious inconvenience. Because I'm not hurt, the data's probably still fine and intact and just needs someone who has the right tools and equipment and training to move it safely, and the most inconvenient part of this is worrying about all the media I've got stashed away. It's not a problem as such. It's worries, and it's inconvenient, and it's all in all quite a luxurious thing to be worried about and inconvenienced by.

I'm still mad and upset. But I'm trying to take a long view of things and cling to the hope I won't be losing anything but money and time.

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