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Of all the media coming out in 2017, one of the pieces I'm most excited comes out tomorrow. Astro City #43, the long-promised origin story of The Gentleman. For those of you who haven't heard of the series, you're lucky you get to read it for the first time. It's a fun and delightful take on superheros that understands there's a lot of joy to be had in stories with those sorts of characters, and wants everyone to have a good time. It's full of light and color, and while there's shadows and sorrow, people earn their happy endings.

One of the greatest things about it is that it's a single universe, told with limited narration for each point-of-view character, which means there's always something more just waiting to be learned.

Which is why I'm so excited for The Gentleman, because I've got a theory I've been waiting months to find out about one way or another. I wouldn't even mind being proved wrong, because I'll know why I didn't get it right. Spoilers here on out. )
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I got to cuddle the cutest, sweetest snake today. She was some sort of python, but I didn't get the species name. I just made a beeline as soon as her handler started his busking routine of offering people the chance to get a photo taken with a big snake, and took him up on the second part. She'd been moving around a lot, and I held my arms steady and close to my body, giving her something to wrap around and grip tightly, and she went calm.

I ended up giving the guy some money anyway.

I'm well aware the snake shouldn't have been out on a busy corner of 14th street to begin with. But I couldn't help it. She was such a sweetheart, and I was so happy to have her treat me like a tree.
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The pair of shorts I picked up today, for free and sight unseen, somehow fit. Not perfectly, but nicely enough I'm going to keep wearing them in no small part because I haven't worn shorts in ages and the feeling of having bare legs exposed to the air is just delicious.

It helps this is the three weeks in spring where nobody needs heat or air conditioning. Summer hasn't quite set in, and the cherry blossoms - managing despite the stuttering start to the warm months - are slowly giving way to the magnolias, and all around, there's the lightest, most delicate greens just getting ready to pull the light in. And when they do, they'll shine from within. It's really quite lovely. There's a lot of things I've been missing these last few months about the Central Valley, but if I went back tomorrow, the intensity of the summertime greenery here, farther north and with far more rainfall, would be something I'd miss about this city's life.


Apr. 11th, 2017 11:42 pm
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Because I can't be the only person who remembers what that acronym stands for.
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I left work at the usual time, which was about when the thunderstorm started. A deluge, one that didn't take long for me to hit the point I wasn't getting any wetter. It was my own fault for getting caught in it, and I was going to be out in it for a while longer. So what choice did I have?

I stopped and got a falafel streetcart sandwich.

It honestly felt like one of the most authentic New York City experiences I've ever had. I was wet, I was carrying around laundry quarters from the bank and CDs from the library and a bag of groceries, I wanted to get back to my apartment to put on dry clothes, and I wasn't going to get in out of the rain soon. I'd already made my peace with getting wet. So I figured I might as well get some falafel.

I ate it while waiting for the bus in the rain, and made a nice day into a great one.


Apr. 2nd, 2017 10:15 pm
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Adding sweet overwintered rapini to stewed lentils was the result of an impulse purchase at the greenmarket, and turned out to be a delicious way to link winter and spring - one of my go-to cold weather dishes with something that came up with the warming days.

I've swapped my winter boots for the sneakers in my closet, so springtime really has arrived.
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I've reached the spackling section on my current project. Most of it's written and in need of editing, but these are the parts I realized I had to go back put in but couldn't afford to do so because that'd mean losing momentum on the raw composition. Which is over and done with now, so now's the time to go back and actually write those bits.

So it's back to logging the thousand words a day until I've worked my way through.
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Magnolia buds are out in Riverside Park. Not blossoms, yet, but the promise. When I was out walking through it earlier today a woman noticed me and asked why I was smiling when it was so cold and wet and miserable out.

"It's seasonally appropriate misery," I said. And it is, at long last. Things are leveling out somewhat, at least as much as they can in a place where it rains in summer. It'd have been nice to have some more cold and snow, but if it's leaving right around now, at a reasonable time on the schedule, I'm not going to complain, just sigh.

Also I said she had a nice dog and a cute umbrella, and got her to smile back.
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Having reached a good stopping point in the ongoing fic, I've now stopped. For the moment. So I can go over the prose on this other thing I wrote, and when I'm done with that, it's back to the fic to forcibly unwind and give myself a project with which to focus my imagination and waking hours.

Besides getting exactly the right fandom icon. But that's always an ongoing quest.

I think at one section a night, I can stay clear-headed enough to keep momentum and be strong enough to cut what's not working. So there's the rest of the editing, some background research, a little time considering certain bits and pieces, and then I guess I'm off to market.


Mar. 21st, 2017 07:14 am
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When I was in second or third grade, possibly fourth, I read a story in one of the classroom’s textbooks - a collection of short stories with illustrations, lesson plans, and investigative questions about the themes. And this one specific story won’t leave me alone.

It was a story about tigers. All I remember from it was that it was about tigers that sing in the jungle at night, and that one of them learned that a long time ago they were cruel, dangerous animals, and had to learn how to be peaceful creatures that could all sing together at night.

I know I didn’t hallucinate it or dream it, but I can’t remember enough specific details or keywords to track this thing down. I know the textbook was published sometime before 1996, but that’s not much help either.

By chance, does anyone here know what I’m talking about?
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Yesterday I gave a chicken a bath. It was the highlight of the day, and might possibly be one for the week too.

Her name was Tiffany.

What I'd intended to do, and what did end up happening, was give her an Epsom salt foot soak for some sores on her feet. But Tiffany's a small chicken - a rescued broiler hen who's going to be moved to a country estate in Westchester somewhere as soon as the Wild Bird Fund has the means to move her - and it was also a small soaking container, so when I filled it up enough to cover her feet if she was standing, I didn't think what might happen if she sat down. In comfortably warm salty water.

Turns out, she'd get a bath. She got some quality petting, and one of the staff members blow-dried her belly off after she was done. Her feet got re-bandaged, and she'd been polite enough to wait to poop until after all that was over and I put her down on the floor. You could hardly ask for more from a chicken.
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Today was, in effect, the first snow day I've had since grad school. I've had work canceled before because of weather, but not because of snow.

I spent very little of it doing anything of value, which I'm given to understand is how these things are supposed to go.
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Very rarely I get a full moon on my birthday. But sometimes, it's not just around the same time as Purim: this year, today, it's Purim and my birthday together. So I didn't feel bad about taking a couple extra hamantashen, especially when they were poppyseed, which is objectively the best filling in the known universe.

Besides the night's holiday, most of the day was spent strolling through the woods. I'd thought of the Botanical Gardens, but instead it was the Teatown Lake Reserve. Which might even have been better, because with the lingering snow and wind chill, it was freezing, and so there was basically nobody else around. It wasn't anything close to heavy hiking, just a nice heavy walk. The trees creaked in the wind, and the ice crunched underfoot. Bridges crossed back and forth over streams and through a little frozen swamp. I spotted a pair of swans all the way across the lake and because they hadn't flown away by the time we got around to them, I was able to get a closer look at them. They made the Canada geese look small. Between the ducks, geese, and swans, it was pretty much all major waterfowl groups accounted for in a single day.

There were turtles and snakes and a couple of salamanders in the visitor's center, and a Flemish giant rabbit in one of the outdoor enclosures. One of the non-releasable crows seemed interested in what I had to say, but ended up paying more attention to the stick we offered it.

On the drive back, we missed the turn-off to the main south-bound road we needed - but in continuing on in looking for an alternate route back, we found a gas station and stopped to fill up the tank, which we'd needed to do anyway. And we managed to get onto that first road eventually, so it was a case of one mistake canceling out another.

So, you know. Not a bad way to become 31.
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Today I learned I can't use almond meal when the recipe calls for either almond powder or flour. I'm almost tempted to buy some powder and see if I can fix my mistake tomorrow, but my parents aren't going to any Purim parties that I know of, so I'll just foster the sad examples of would-be holiday cookies off on my siblings. Seriously, that dough wasn't in any mood to be worked into something as fine as a pinched-up cookie. You need a really fine hand for those.

And the very precise kind of flour.

I also figured out that my birthday's the day after tomorrow, and I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing. It's Purim, so there's the Megillah reading, but that's at night. As for the day, I've got no plans. I might head up to the Botanic Gardens for the orchid show, which is always a treat. That it's entirely possible there's going to be snow this weekend makes it all the more appealing.
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I know my new fic is serious because I've begun looking for new icons. I've already got a couple of fandom-adjacent ones, but they're not quite precise for what I need to express in a hundred by a hundred pixels.

Yes, that Buffy fic I threatened is coming along. Which means I'll soon need accountability readers. Not beta-readers, not yet, just people who'll let me send them a draft every five thousand words, reading optional. Small milestones to maintain ongoing momentum, telling me I'm doing fine even when I'm not feeling it, that sort of thing. Checking character voices and plot pacing comes much later.

Anyone up for it?
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My building's laundry room runs on quarters. The washers cost either a dollar-fifty or two dollars for a cycle, depending on the model, and the dryers give a certain amount of time for each coin put in. When things don't work, it's usually either gross mechanical failure, or the machines eat the quarters and you're out that money.

Today it didn't work in the opposite direction: the dryer thought I'd put in twice as many quarters as I actually had. It failed positive.

But as nice as it was to have that free time, I didn't need it. So I passed it onto the woman who'd finished her washing just as my towels were done.
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Buffy and Angel are both leaving Netflix streaming in April.

Also, it's my birthday next Saturday.

It's possible there's going to be another licensing renewal, but you can't be certain about these things. And I don't have other safe, reliable methods to watch the show, and I was hoping to start a related project soon.

As such, would anyone like to appease the universe, and myself, and hook me up with some digital copies? I'll provide the relevant external hard drive, if need be.
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It took less than a year. Just under nine months, May 28th to March 1st. The first pass of the first draft, start to finish. Beginning, middle, and end. I'd wrestled with two unsuccessfully attempts at something else, started this one, restarted it, found a groove, and now I have the beginnings of something I can work with. Not quite a manuscript yet. But I've reached the stage in a project where I'm not sure where to go next, which is always a nice place to find yourself. It means you're moving onto something else.

The surveying is completed. Next up comes the mining. And after that, the carving the angel out of the marble.

Also thinking of a title, but that's signing the bottom of the statue, which is way off in the future.
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The other day, I felt something odd in my hair, and after some maneuvering around past where I could see, I ended up pulling out a wooden shard. From a hairstick.

It's not the first time my hair's eaten a hairstic, and the fact that this means it's setting a trend pleases me deeply.
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Is anyone interested in seeing Logan this Friday afternoon or evening? I was planning a late afternoon showing right after I get off work, but I'm flexible for time and place if I'd be seeing it with someone else.
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