Apr. 6th, 2017

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I left work at the usual time, which was about when the thunderstorm started. A deluge, one that didn't take long for me to hit the point I wasn't getting any wetter. It was my own fault for getting caught in it, and I was going to be out in it for a while longer. So what choice did I have?

I stopped and got a falafel streetcart sandwich.

It honestly felt like one of the most authentic New York City experiences I've ever had. I was wet, I was carrying around laundry quarters from the bank and CDs from the library and a bag of groceries, I wanted to get back to my apartment to put on dry clothes, and I wasn't going to get in out of the rain soon. I'd already made my peace with getting wet. So I figured I might as well get some falafel.

I ate it while waiting for the bus in the rain, and made a nice day into a great one.


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