Mar. 20th, 2017

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Yesterday I gave a chicken a bath. It was the highlight of the day, and might possibly be one for the week too.

Her name was Tiffany.

What I'd intended to do, and what did end up happening, was give her an Epsom salt foot soak for some sores on her feet. But Tiffany's a small chicken - a rescued broiler hen who's going to be moved to a country estate in Westchester somewhere as soon as the Wild Bird Fund has the means to move her - and it was also a small soaking container, so when I filled it up enough to cover her feet if she was standing, I didn't think what might happen if she sat down. In comfortably warm salty water.

Turns out, she'd get a bath. She got some quality petting, and one of the staff members blow-dried her belly off after she was done. Her feet got re-bandaged, and she'd been polite enough to wait to poop until after all that was over and I put her down on the floor. You could hardly ask for more from a chicken.


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