Jan. 31st, 2017

hannah: (Toast and butter - obsessiveicons)
An impulse purchase of a rare object at last Saturday's greenmarket became today's labor-intensive breakfast. Because you can't just smash a goose egg's shell. They're too beautiful for that. Too rare and lovely. So I did the trick I read about in a picture book decades ago, making a small hole in each end and using a long needle to scramble the white and yolk inside the shell and then blowing the contents out to save the shell.

It felt like I blew out my jaw, but it was worth it.

As for how it tasted: like a chicken egg, but wider and deeper. The higher fat and protein content translated into a richer, lighter flavor that still tasted like egg and was hearty enough the last three bites were almost too much.

Then, tonight I made this, without the crumb topping and a half-cup of dried cranberries mixed in, to be brought into work tomorrow.


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